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PHP RTMP Checker for use with Nagios

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

I got a comment on one of my posts that my RTMP checker might be of value to someone.
So I am going to release it to the public, it seems like there is a real lack of something like this.

I wrote this basically for FastHost, as we like to deliver stability and good and reliable solutions that you can trust. Please let us know if there is anything we might be able to help with.

I have released it here on my code download page.

Usefull and Free Network Management and Monitoring Software

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Thought I would take a quick look at popular and good software for networking personel.


  1. RRDtool is widely deployed for graphing usage. It can be used to make graphs like the ones I have at, a lot of software takes use of RRDtool to perform their graphing job, like Munin.
  2. MRTG is often used for simple graphing, but it can also be configured to take use of RRDtool to make nicer graphs.
  3. SmokePing is also written by Tobias Oetiker, and it is used to make pretty cool graphs of roundtrip times.
  4. Cacti is a whole graphing frontend for RRDtool, it is very powerfull, but I also often find it very complex for small simple tasks.
  5. Munin is very nice for simple graphing tasks, and it is what I use to make the graphs on, it of course uses RRDtool. It is a Norwegian project, developed by Linpro.


  1. Naigos is widely deployed for monitoring puposes, it can be very hard to get working, but when it works it monitors for outages, TCP ports down, and any other suspect half-states things can end up in. I have found Nagios very reliable, and I even developed a plugin for doing a handshake with RTMP servers like Wowza or Red5, because my workplace sells those kind of services.
  2. Snort can be used to monitor for suspect network activity, it can recognize DDoS, port scans, etc.


  1. flow-tools can be used to receive and analyze netflow data from Cisco and Juniper routers.
  2. FlowScan can be used to make pretty graphs from Netflow data collected by the cflowd tool.

Other cool utilities

  • MTR is an interactive traceroute application, very usefull.
  • I am currently developing a new Network Management System, and I am hoping that it will be released in 2008. It will be open source, so I guess it might be of interest!

    Which ones did I forget, which tools do you use?