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Twittering but Which Networking Communities exist?

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Yes, this time I am asking you a question, so why don’t you just leave me a comment?

Fewer posts lately
First off, I would like to explain my lack of posts. I have had less creative input lately, so I can’t actually find anything interesting enough to write about to make it fun – and that’s a big part of maintaining this blog; having fun!
I’ve had some valuable input on my attempts to create a Web 2.0 IP Calculator, and I’ve had critics .. the bad, the good.

You inspire me!
I must say that the thing that inspire me the most to work is to see something I’ve created being used and from seeing Google searches hit this blog with articles directly related to the ‘googled’ issue, it gives me a good feeling inside.

Lately, I’ve fell for the Twitter hype and you can find my tweets over at, it would be fun to follow my readers on Twitter – so if you have a user there follow me!

Website statistics and the future
Anyhow, the good critics have been more visible to me than the bad ones – so I will continue this little blog experiment of mine. I can see on the traffic stats that I now have about 200 unique users every week day, except for weekends when the unique visitors drops to from 80 to 150, but there seems to be a lower bounce rate (People are reading articles about work on Sundays, preparing for Mondays?) But the traffic seems to be growing with the content, and that hopefully means that someone finds it useful!

But BACK TO THE QUESTION: Which Networking Communities exists?
I have found small forums, but where have you found study partners or other interesting networking people?
I was a member of for a while, but the amount of mails where a bit overwhelming and my email client had issues with threading the mails – so I had to unregister. Maybe I will give it a second try!

Other mailing lists that I find interesting are:

Well, if you know of a good resource (a forum, website, anything!) shout it out in the comment box.

My next post will be more technical, I promise!

Configuring Cisco redistribution of OSPF to BGP with community filtering route-map

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

I was wondering about something to write about, and I hope this is an interesting subject.
If there is anything you want me to write about, or something you wonder about or think I am mistaking about – please don’t be shy.. Just use the comment box! :-)

Quick overlook:

ASN: 1
Prefix from OSPF:
IP for BGP:

ASN: 2
IP for BGP:

Verify OSPF route
Router1#sh ip route | include ^O
O E2 [110/20] via, 00:02:10, FastEthernet0/0

Redistribute OSPF route to BGP table with a community
I created a prefix-list to match the prefixes in the route-map:
ip prefix-list ourPrefixes seq 5 permit

Then I went on and created the route-map that matches this prefix-list and set the community 1:150 (65686)
route-map ospfTag permit 10
match ip address prefix-list ourPrefixes
set community 65686

Then I did redistribution of OSPF into BGP with this command (in config-router (bgp configuration)):
redistribute ospf 1 route-map ospfTag

So I go on and verify the prefix is in the BGP table with the right community:
Router1#sh ip bgp | i Comm
Community: 65686

Perfect!  Now I went on to create a community list for matching the communities in a route-map
ip community-list 1 permit 1:150

As you can see, the router converted this number to the long format number again for me:
Router1(config)#do sh run | i community-list
ip community-list 1 permit 65686

Current announcement to Router2:
Router2(config)#do sh ip bgp | i \*\>
*>               0             0 1 ?
*>               0             0 1 ?

So far, so good!   The network is added as a twist, and it should disappear when the route-map outbound is working!  It is my test to see if things got applied.
Then I went on to create a route-map to match with this community list:
Router1(config)#route-map communityFilter permit 10
Router1(config-route-map)# match community 1

Then I applied the route map on to the BGP peer
Router1(config-route-map)#router bgp 1
Router1(config-router)#neighbor route-map communityFilter out

Okay, after clearing the peer, do we have one less address in BGP then?
Router2#sh ip bgp | i \*\>
*>              20             0 1 ?

Voila!  Please use the comment box if you spot errors, this tutorial was written kind of in a jiffy!