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Best book recommendation: MPLS Fundamentals

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Are you a network operator or are you interested in getting a professional Cisco certification like CCIP?

MPLS is on the rise and something that everyone must learn today. I didn’t want to be left behind with my ‘old fashion’ routing, so I decided to do a little reading.

I actually bought this book 6 months ago but never had the time to pick it up and read it, but I realize that I should have done that a few months earlier.

The mass of knowledge contained inside was at great value, nicely and explained from the history of tag switching until today. Someone have obviously spent a lot of time editing it. Thank you, it was definitively worth buying.

Heard the word MPLS?
A lot of people are discussing it, you’ve probably heard the buzz about MPLS. Do you want to know what all the secret speech is about or do you just want to expand your knowledge on the subject of MPLS?

My experience with the book
I’ve actually spent a month reading and labbing with this book now and it covers everything you need to know to keep your position as the clever guy in the office/class. I am overly satisfied with this book, so that’s why I am writing a recommendation. It was just great!

What’s in the book?
I find that the book is very well formatted, everything that is important lights up in your face so that you will notice it.
It is amusing that someone is finally killing the argument that MPLS is here because of CPU usage.
A better argument must be that you can basically carry any protocol that you would like over MPLS, this is a pretty cool effect that extends MPLS+IP a mile or five. Learn how to MPLS enable a network and apply traffic engineering on it.

The book is divided into two parts, the first part covers the history and the technical fundament. The second part covers a bit more configuration and troubleshooting. I am not done with the last couple of chapters, but what I have read so far got my back covered a long time and I will start to write some articles about MPLS soon because of what I have already learned.

So if you’re like me, into new technology this must be right up your alley.
MPLS is soon to become everywhere, you need to learn it!

Buy it on Amazon

MPLS Fundamentals (Paperback)
by Luc De Ghein (Author) on Amazon

Best book so far this year!

Cisco Certification: Why, How and Where? DIY! It’s easy!

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

There are a lot of questions regarding Cisco Certifications these days; some people are certified, some people have found their way to a class, and you? Still thinking only about it? It’s pretty easy to do something about it.

I am writing this because if you can’t afford the school, there is actually possible to get certified for something between $100 and $200 depending on where you are in the world.

If you *are* Cisco certified but have a friend who wants join that club, give them a tip about this article, it might just get them to do it!

Why should I get certified?
For one thing; if you are on the look for work it will be positive for anyone you would like to work with, that may be someone who wants to hire you or someone who wants you to do freelance work. A Cisco CCNA or CCNP certification is something you can use to show that you have at least enough basic training to be able to take of the (sometimes mind boggling) Cisco certification exams.

If you are applying for a technical job, a CCNA/CCNP will always be a little push further up the line of applicants who are not certified.

That said, a lot of employers requires CCNA or CCNP to apply for a job, just do a job search and you will see a bunch of job positions that would be available for applications that you may not be able to apply for today. Only because they require that level of certification which should be no problem for you to achieve!

And most of all, because if you’re a bit good at what you do; the test should be peanuts!

The title “Cisco Certified Network Associate” is achieved by completing the 640-802 CCNA exam OR by completingBOTH 640-822 ICND1 exam AND the 640-816 exam.

Practice Tests
There used to be some sites online where I used to do free practice exams before the actual exam to see how I was performing while studying for the Cisco certification. The ones I used have started to take money for their tests, and I cannot recommend any good sites for this right now. If you know of a place, please leave a comment and if it’s “worthy” (good) I will include it in the article and refer to you.

UPDATE: @FadeToBright recommended this site for taking practice tests and jdmurray recommends this forum for discussing Cisco certifications. Thanks!

For training material, I can recommend this book

CCNA Official Exam Certification Library (CCNA Exam 640-802) (Exam Certification Guide)

It covers everything you ever need to know, and also Cisco Press have nice quality books which are mostly written by CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) certified people.

Emulated Cisco Routers
There is a project called dynamips that actually emulates the cisco hardware and makes it possible to run IOS images on a PC. To get a feel of the configuration interface and set up simple scenarios it should prove perfect. You need an IOS image to run on it.

You should also have a look at dynagen, which is a GUI frontend for dynamips.

You can run quagga also to set up simple practice scenarios, if you do not run the zebra daemon quagga will not update your routing table and you can run it without thinking about it.

So with the books, the tools and the practice tests (that I was hoping will show up in comments) you should be on your way to the certification.

So when your scores are coming up to acceptable levels and you are starting to feel ready for the test, where should you go?

You can locate your nearest academy here, they should be able to do an examination. Or you can locate your nearest Person VUE test center, which are authorized to do cisco certification examinations.

Good luck!