Code download

This is going to become a little software repository for software written by the author, I will add script as I go along.

First, per request, I have a little PHP script that does a RTMP handshake with for example a Wowza, Red5 og Adobe Flash Media Server ™, if you want to use it with nagios, you might want to modify it to return different values on exit depending on level of success.

rtmpcheck.phps – PHP Script to check RTMP

syslog-ng PHP Page – PHP Page for the Cisco and syslog-ng MySQL Project

compareConfigAndRipe.phps is a script which does a whois in the RIPE database for your ASN and compares the aut-num objects peers against actual peers and returns a list of peers who are actually configured, but not listed in the RIPE database.

A Cisco CPU Percentage fetcher for munin.
A plugin to fetch traffic data from awstats to Munin.

Local mirror
I mirror a couple of files just for the sake of the articles, so they won’t disappear and render the articles useless.
tac_plus-4.4.tgz TACACS+ daemon version 4.4rc2-3
securid.tgz – This file should be unpacked inside the tac_plus directory.