Here is my page, and my real name is Espen, not ‘admin’ – sorry that all my posts are by admin. :-)

I wanted to keep the stuff I learn in my job somewhere, so I decided to write this blog.
My job is to work out the technical details of a Norwegian ISP named FastHost AS.

I come from a place named Tromsø, it is far up north in Norway, but I have now found my way to the capital, Oslo.
I live here with my girlfriend in a small apartment in the northern part of town, which we rent, but I am hoping one day that I may afford to buy my own flat and it seems like it’s getting there, step by step.

Any ways, my interest are varied and based on mood, I am very geeky at times and probably a bit too social (read nagging) at times, erhh.. it’s all good, as long as I get along with people.

My interests seems to always go back to economy or creativity, I like to develop webpages all though I am not a designer. I enjoy shooting pictures of stuff that I come across, so I recently bought a new EOS450D – even with the kit lense it is a major improvement from the old compact camera I bought when I was 15.

I like to watch the world markets and how world events influence price and the other way around is just something that probably will continue to amaze me for a long period of time, so my sweet girlfriend is getting bored by BBC World News at all hours at home.

We’ve been together for a couple of years now (my girlfriend and I), her name is Guðrún and her parents are Icelandic so I am currently trying to learn to speak Icelandic.

Well, I just wanted to say thanks for reading my blog it gives me great pleasure to see that people get their questions and problems solved here, and that motivated me majorly to create new content for the site!