What happens when you die?

I guess you didn’t expect a post from me again, well I broke the 4 year silence.. 4 years, imagine! (Well, almost.)

So what happens when you die?
This is not really a post about what happens when you die, I have a hard time believing in spirits and the like, but it’s incredible to come back to this website several years later and find out that it still retains quite a lot of traffic. Hopefully it means I made an impact somehow, I am not sure about how though.

Are you back for good?
I don’t know, I will try to post some items every now and then when I find something interesting. I must admit that a lot of things have happened in my life since I last posted here in 2009. I am not sure which of these are most notable; but first of all I quit my old job as CTO of a small ISP to come work with some incredible people at a major browser company, I am currently working there as a Network Administrator, maintaining data center network installations all over Europe and the US – it is exciting, I get to play with the bleeding edge of network equipment. I’ve attended Juniper Networks training sessions, Cisco training sessions, etc. And I sometimes get to attend major technical events, which is positive for increasing the knowledge for both me and the company I am working for.

I am not as vendor centric as I used to be, I must admit there are other vendors than my fetished one out there, and they are doing some really cool stuff. Just look at Juniper QFX. It looks great.

I became a father
So, late 2011, I finally saw my firstborn son for the first time. It’s also a major life event and incredible to see him grow up. I have a tendency to prioritize playing with all his cars and toys instead of networking lab work these days, so I honestly don’t know how much time I will have to post articles here between traveling and parenting. (Yeah, also I moved far away and I am commuting to the HQ which is a 1h50m flight every now and then, plus the events and things I have to attend.)

I will try my best to post interesting things and features here, some of you old readers might even be here still?

Thanks everyone.

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