Less Frequent Posting, Here’s Why

It’s no secret that it keeps me motivated to see that my blog picks up traffic and see the Google Adsense earnings grow, not that it’s a full compensation for the time spent writing the articles. Not that it matters, I’ve been writing haven’t I?

As my blog was starting to get views on the first search engine result page for some keywords, the leechers also started showing their face. After blogging for a year, I have gathered enough experience to say that these people – these theifs – mostly originates from Asia or the Middle-East. That’s two our of three regions of the world that I am reluctant to visit due to f***** up laws. So it kind of figures.

The PROBLEM now is that; While serving up Google Adwords advertisers with ad space on a visited domain, some individuals are now creating new blogs on the popular blogging services blogger.com and blogspot.com, just copying off my articles and content and smack some Google Ads on top of that.
After a while, I am now competing with myself on the SERP’s – it’s pretty hard, while if the latter me wins – I won’t get paid. It’s just so unfair, that the principle of it all really bugs me to post any new content.

I should also note that mostly while contacting people for copyright infringement you just get laughed in the face for your hard work that someone now obviously have the equal right to use and make money off. I am afraid that if I post enough content, someone will publish a book from it….

On the last note; I’ve tried to contact Google several times per email, both to blogger and blogspot and also phone – any attempt to contact them has failed. There is an option to file a DMCA take down notice, but that is a legal document – it should not be a problem.

Google can see WHEN the original article was written based on WHEN the page started to rank/show in the Google index, and also WHEN the same article has been posted (months later) on their own blogging platforms. It is OBVIOUS fraud/infringement.

– Espen

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  1. ovt says:


    I just want to say that i like you website because you offer solutions/ideeas not just technical facts like many of the useless technical blogs out there.
    I was also a network engineer at some ISP but now switched to enterprise(more money) and i kinda miss the ISP world which i see depicted in your posts.
    Anyway good job with the blog!

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