Do You Love Books? I do!

Just a short notice for you. I reviewed a book in my last post, but what about all the other books? I am not going to turn this blog into a book reviewing site, so instead I have another plan. Hear me!

There will be no more…
I love books, I love: reading books, writing about books and I love recommending books that actually managed to teach my boggled brain something. I would love telling everyone about everything I read, but that’s going to be alot. so..

The Book Store
There are so many books, and so little time and I would like to work on more exciting content for you.
So I have a plan! At the book store how you can still see which books swing best, whenever YOU want to instead having to get it in your RSS feed all the time!
So from now on, there will be fewer reviews and more configuration and fun content!

The new book listing
This inspired me to integrate a book store to this site, you can reach it here!

I will present all the books that are valuable for certification and learning purposes along with some hobby books in the book store. You know… instead of flooding the web with blog posts about books.

Sounds like a better idea?

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